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Let the professionals at Penn Oaks

help your child grow to love the game of tennis

Join the club with a junior membership:

    only $80 / year    

what you receive:

  • reduced fees on lessons, lesson packages, and clinics

  • visit cards give you 10 lessons for the price of 9, and they never expire

  • 10% off every day in the tennis shop

Session 5 of our jr. tennis clinics will end on Monday 6/17.  Our jr clinics will resume on 9/2.  Fall Clinic information will be available in August.   Our jr tennis camp runs from 6/10 to 8/30 Monday through Friday.   We have morning, afternoon and full day sessions.   Go to our Summer Camps page for more information. 


Session 5 will start Tuesday 4/23/24 and end Monday 6/17/24 Clinics are offered multiple times per week over an 8 week period.  Players select the day or days of the week to attend.   Players must have a Jr. tennis membership to get member pricing and to attend multiple days of the week. 

The clinic schedule and price sheet show the days and times for the clinics for the different age groups.  Penn Oaks also offers advanced clinics for players in their age bracket.  The instructors will invite players to join these groups - Advanced Green Dot/Orange Ball and High Performance Clinic (formerly Tennis Academy). 


To reserve a spot email or call 610-399-3800.  Complete the registration form and mail or drop off the completed form with payment to Penn Oaks. We accept cash, check or credit card.   There is a 3% fee for payments made with credit card.

Become a member to receive the member pricing and the option of taking more than one class per week.   Junior memberships are $80/year. 

The Penn Oaks Junior Tennis Development Program presents the best tennis environment and instruction for players 12 and under through high school using the following guidelines:
For players 12 and Under
  • Three levels of tennis balls for kids 8 and under and 9 to 12 years old - red ball, orange ball and green dot. 

  • Courts are smaller and easier to cover for young players (5-8) just starting out.

  • Balls bounce lower and move slower through the air, making them easier to hit as the ball bounces into their comfort zones.

  • Racquets sized for small hands that are easier to grip and swing.

  • New scoring rules that allow for more and shorter matches.

  • Players will transition to the bigger court with more confidence.

For players 13+​

  • The Yellow Ball clinic is for the beginner to intermediate player.   Players new to the game will be taught the strokes of the game and how to rally with other players.  For the more experienced player emphasis will continue on mastering all strokes, add conditioning and match play strategies.   

For the advanced junior players 10+​

  • We have advanced programs for the more serious junior player who is training for their high school team or plays in competitive jr usta tournaments.  We have a Green Dot/Orange Ball Advance Clinic (ages 10-12) and the High Performance clinic for players 13+.   For more information on our advanced player clinics contact the club and ask to speak with one of our pros.  

For all the details, check out the age-specific groups below.


Students will learn all of the strokes in tennis, learn to rally and play out points. For students 8-12 who are new to the game, beginner instruction will be tailored to develop forehands, backhands, volley, overheads, serves and learn match scoring. For students who have progressed from Red Ball more focus will be placed on developing strokes by introducing top spin, back spin and ball placement. Students will also learn basic strategies for doubles play vs. singles play. Students may start out with the orange ball (low compression ball which bounces a little faster than the red ball) then progress to the green dot ball (yellow ball with a green dot which is slower and lower bouncing than the yellow ball). Racquet sizes up to 26" are used. The court size is still smaller at 60'x 21'for orange ball. The goal is to transition our students into the Yellow Ball Clinic, as well as start them in Match Play.
RED BALL 8U (5-8 yrs old)

A beginning program designed to introduce young players to the game of tennis in a fun and exciting format! Drills and games are combined to help develop hand-eye coordination and balance while learning the basic strokes of tennis. The red balls bounce lower and travel less distance which allows the child to have proper swing technique with the ball bouncing into their comfort zones. The court is smaller - 36'x 8' and the net is 3" lower. Students use racquet sizes up to 23".

The Yellow Ball clinic is for players who have progressed through our 12U clinics or are high school age and want to improve their game.  This clinic is suitable for middle school players who are getting into tournaments, as well as high players who are working their way up through their high school teams.   We will also have a court set aside for all our players new to the game.    Players new to the game will focus on developing the different strokes and their ability to rally with other players.   The more advanced players will work on improving their strokes through drills and learn to hit with spin.  Players will learn proper serve technique for both the first and second serve.  As players advance they will learn more about the physical and mental side of the game through more intense drilling, conditioning and competitive point play.  Players will leave feeling prepared for tournament play or high school tennis.

Match play is offered on Saturday afternoon for players signed up for our clinics.   It is a great way for players to get match experience.   Read more about Match Play below.

Advanced Player Clinics

Penn Oaks has an advanced level programs for ages 10+.   Contact Penn Oaks and talk to one of our pros - Jonathan Hodess, Chris Louis or Sal DiBenedetto- to learn more about our advanced tennis programs.   

The Advanced Green Dot/Orange Ball clinic is for players who have advanced through our 12U program but are not quite ready to play yellow ball.   This clinic will cover a multiple of topics including stroke production and tactics for singles and doubles play.   

The High Performance clinic is based on a detail oriented approach to the game. Using a progression style teaching method, specific stroke fundamentals will be constantly emphasized. Shot selection and recognition of offense vs. defense, based on court positioning, contact point, and opponent’s court positioning will be discussed in length. Serve and return will be a major focus, specifically using the serve to set up the first offensive ball of the rally, and learning the appropriate patterns consistent with play at a national level.   The program includes off the court fitness training.  

Although many of the concepts discussed here apply to all tennis players our teaching will be customized to each player’s strengths and weaknesses. This page outlines some of the benefits you will receive as a Penn Oaks Advanced clinic student.

Benefits of the program:

  • Maximum of 4 students on a court (increased hitting time, drill flexibility)

  • Teach strategy and mental aspects of competing

  • Assist with tournament scheduling

  • One on One goal setting (short and long term goal setting)

  • Progress reports at the end of each session

Match Play is open to our junior tennis players who have signed up for our weekly clinics.  It is great way for new players who are ready for competitive play to serve, rally and keep score.  And is highly recommended for the more experienced player to continue to  develop match play strategies.    Match play is held on  Saturdays 5 to 7 pm!   If you are interested in being added to match play, please give us a call at 610-399-3800 or send us an email at   An email invite is sent out weekly.  Matches are 1 hour long 5 to 6 pm or 6 to 7 pm.  Our tennis staff will schedule matches with the  first 12 players to respond to the email.  Format is singles, co-ed and best of 3 sets starting at 2-2 with no - ad scoring.   Cost is $30/match.  
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