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Massage Therapy is one of the earliest remedial healing practices and is said to be the most natural and instinctive means of relieving pain and discomfort. Whether you are looking to relax, correct a chronic ache, or enhance your athletic performance, Penn Oaks is committed to the optimal health and well being of individuals in all aspects and approaches.  Massage therapy gets to the root of the cause by assisting in the body’s natural healing process.  This is achieved by increasing blood flow to the muscle providing nutrients and removing toxins at the same time.  Eighty percent of all diseases are stress related, so treat yourself and improve your health through a therapeutic massage.



Massage Services Available:
  • Swedish massage involves five different types of strokes designed to break up adhesions, reduce tension, and push out toxicity in problem areas in the body.

  • Trigger point therapy involves positioning finger or thumb pressure into “trigger” or touch points in muscle and connective tissue is designed to reduce hypersensitivity, muscle spasms and referred pain.

  • Therapeutic sequence involves long slow strokes to increase flexibility, reduce stress and help you relax.

  • Pre-post acute sport massage is designed to enhance circulation and reduce excess muscle and mental tension prior to competition. After competition it is geared toward reducing muscle spasms and lactic acid build-up from vigorous exercise.

  • Pfrimmer deep tissue is a cross fiber friction technique which stretches and broadens muscle fiber and connective tissues.  This helps break up adhesions to help create strong flexible tissue during the healing process.

Single Massage Pricing:
  • 30 minute session ………………... $45.00

  • 60 minute session ………………... $85.00

  • 90 minute session ………………. $110.00

  • 120 minute session …………….. $140.00

  • Buy 5 – 30 minute sessions get 1 free ……. $240.00

  • Buy 5 – 60 minute sessions get 1 free ……. $450.00

Massage Therapist:

Our Massage Therapist is Derick D'Angelo.   Derick is a graduate of

The Pennsylvania School of Muscle and has a Bachelor of Science in 

Exercise Physiology from West Chester University. 

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