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Membership Now Required

A Penn Oaks membership is required to access our online video workouts.  The video only membership is $10 per month.  To join as a video only member or gym member contact Jan at 610-399-3800.   A password is now required to access the video workout page.    If you are already a monthly gym member please contact Jan for the password.  

Waiver of Liability for Workout Videos

As a member/prospect member of Penn Oaks Tennis and Fitness, you acknowledge that there are certain risks inherent in participating in an exercise program or online video workout. These risks range from mild fatigue to more serious events that may lead to prolonged serious illness or even death. You hold Penn Oaks Tennis & Fitness, its agents and employees free and harmless from all liability and damages resulting from any and all accidents, injuries or illnesses arising, either directly or indirectly, from your participation in Penn Oaks Tennis & Fitness exercise programs or online video workouts, including all consequential and incidental damages, except resulting from the negligence of Penn Oaks Tennis & Fitness or its agents and employees. You further acknowledge that he or she is not aware of any medical or physical condition that would preclude participation in an exercise program.


I hereby consent to voluntarily engage in a program of progressive physical exercise. I accept complete responsibility for my health and wellbeing.   I understand that no responsibility is assumed by the leader of this program or its supporting agency, Penn Oaks Tennis & Fitness.

Click the "I Accept" button to proceed to the workout page. 

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